Welcome to Roxbury’s Summer Reading Quest!

Roxbury’s Summer Reading Quest is an opportunity for you to “CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE” as you complete your required reading this summer.  (*Note, if you are taking an honors or AP English course next year, you can find your summer reading requirement is different.  You can find it on Roxbury.org!)


What you need to know:

First, log in using your Roxbury email address and the password provided by your teacher.  You’ll notice the “log in” button in the upper-right corner of the screen.  (If you have difficulty signing in, you can click on “forgot password” — or, you can email Dr. Cicchino at mcicchino@roxbury.org).


When you’re logged in, click on “Choose Your Destiny” — also located in the upper-right corner.  

You will be taken to a page that prompts you to select your grade level — as pictured below.


Once you select your grade level, you will have the opportunity to choose your summer assignment.  (Pretty awesome, right?)


The Guidelines:

  • Yes, you can choose ANY of the summer assignment options available to your grade level.  (That means you have a LOT of choice when it comes to choosing the kind of texts you’ll be reading, and what you’ll be doing with them!)
  • Yes, you will receive credit in September for your participation — but the more work you do now, the more credit you’ll receive.  (Think of it this way: If you complete the “EASY” quest, you’ll get a 100%.  If you complete the “HARD” quest, you’ll get three 100%’s.  There is glory to be had!  Start the year strong!)
  • Yes, unless you’re completing an alternate assignment for honors or AP, you must participate in Summer Reading Quest.  At a minimum, you must complete the “EASY” quest for your grade level.  (Don’t start September with a zero!)


The Benefits:

  • Research shows that students who participate in summer reading are more literate than those who don’t.  (Don’t you want to be smarter in September than you were in June?)
  • Unlike “traditional” summer reading assignments, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the book(s) you’ll be reading — as well as the amount of credit you’ll start the year with.  (Want to complete the “EASY” quest?  That’s a-okay!  Feeling ambitious?  Go for the “MEDIUM” or “HARD” quests instead!)
  • It’s 2017.  That means we’ll be using digital tools (like the discussion forum on the site) to bring “summer reading” into the 21st century.



Log in to begin your Summer Reading Quest now!